Our Staff...is committed to helping KSU students know Christ and make Him known.  For more information about our staff visit the staff page.

The Navigators ministry began... over 80 years ago as an outreach to men in the Navy.  Today the ministry has grown into a multi-national, non-profit, interdenominational Christian outreach to students, military personnel, inner city youth, metro business leaders... and a whole lot more.  You can investigate this organization for yourself at www.navigators.org.

The Navigators at KSU... has been living and sharing the gospel on campus for several decades.  What sets us apart as a ministry is a strong emphasis on spiritual transformation through the practice of spiritual disciplines (like Scripture memory and prayer) in relationships of spiritual mentoring.

You can check out The Navigators... by attending one of our upcoming meetings or by writing one of our Staff members for more details.

"On a scale of one to ten, I place The Navigators as a 'ten' among para-church ministries today.  In my college days, The Navigators taught me the value of a disciplined life.  In our Crusades, they developed the unsurpassed follow-up methods we use today.  Thank God for The Navigators."  --Billy Graham